Dear Readers, here are the top 10 Ramadan Recipes from Look Stylo for our international fan base. You can make each snack in the best way with these simple and deliciously yummy iftar recipes. Just imagine there 2 to 3 hours left for iftar.  Plus, you are stagnant in the weighing scale, about what to make today. Though, all mums will need to have the choices of their sons in mind, whereas all wives have to preserve the selections of their husbands. No matter, what age, the Iftar time is always at a high toll for food and drinks, especially if it’s in the middle of the hot weather.

Ramadan Recipes

So what to do now? Well, relax- we have it covered for you. Our Top 10 Delicious Ramadan Recipes are all set and quick to be made at home. So just sit back and read through our post. We are half sure that you already know the list but this is for those college going students too who are not so acquainted with kitchen.

Not to panic. At all!
At this point are Top 10 Delicious Ramadan Recipes to serve and relish throughout Ramadan.


Ramadan Recipes

Samosa is one of the Top 10 Delicious Ramadan Recipes, which draws at iftar time, isn’t it? You gobble one and you would hunt for for additional. You can easily buy them from market or fry at home. Though, in our next blog post we will include the most appealing Pakistani samosa recipes or try chicken mayo samosa.


Ramadan Recipes

Pakora is a definite item for iftar and also one of our Top 10 Delicious Ramadan Recipes. You get choice of mayo- Pakora, cheese Pakora, chicken Pakora and much more. Stay tuned for our next post to enjoy more recipes in detail.  


Ramadan Recipes

Cutlets are tasty and delicious in addition are some wispy snacks for iftar. As, it is a less communal snack in Pakistan, you can serve it and earn the gratefulness from your family. Chicken cutlets method or sundry herbal cutlets recipe will be in our next post of The Top 10 Delicious Ramadan Recipes.

One of the most Yummiest of the top 10 Ramadan Recipes is: 


Fruit chaat is one of our most loved and desired and we trust, it is yours as well. You can make it with your preferred fruits as it will enrich the flavor.  

Ramadan Recipes

Add some spices and fruit juice to get maximum taste. You can also use dates to increase the richness in taste. You can also make a cream fruit chaat if you need extra calories.


Ramadan Recipes

It appears there is a bit of spiciness missing in iftar, when there is no dahi bada. You can add the tamarind chutney and enjoy them with yogurt. Add some badiyaan too along with Coriander and Mint to get extra hotness!!!


Ramadan Recipes

Chana chaat, mixed with potatoes, is also called the chick-pea mixture. This is one of the most-common iftar stuffs in Pakistani nation. Appealing with a taste of mint and spices and yummy with tomatoes, you want to eat it daily.


Chicken – mutton biryani is the finest focal preference to carry-out at iftar. Every individual likes to devour biryani.

Ramadan Recipes

You can serve it subsequently just after elementary iftar stuffs and each person is assuredly going to give you the go-ahead. Add extra spicy masala to enjoy the high –rich Biryani whether of chicken or mutton.


Ramadan Recipes

A delicious zesty snack to serve thru iftar. Add a bit of taste with ketchup and crushed seasoning. This is the mixture you will love with tea too.  


Ramadan Recipes

Black chana, oh wow! Simply add some lemon juice, coriander and onion. Mix well or heat up a little. add-in Tomato paste for taste. 


Ramadan Recipes

This is the foretaste you must give it a try. It makes the diversity! Take a chapatti and roll-in a kabab, and zap! Your kabab roll is ready to eat.

Let us know which one you like or share your favorite dish to post in our next blog-post!


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