Eyebrows are an important part of our appearance. It is not just two of the same strips of hair across the eyes. The eyebrows enable more, open facial features. It adds depth to your look and makes the impression even more striking. Many girls are concerned about how to paint beautiful eyebrows.


Only at first glance, it seems that this problem is simple and requires no special skills. In fact, it is different. The irregular shape of the eyebrows or too bright or dull color can ruin even the most beautiful girl.


The secret of success!

Everything has to be done correctly. A couple of fine brows can really make a look and a face-lift, but a few carelessly plucked brows or heavily filled brows can almost do the opposite.


We think we have all ever gone out with tweezers without really knowing what we have been doing, or filled in the brows with a too dark pen. Some habits die maybe in the past and maybe we have continued to make the same mistakes as we did then. We have collected 13 things we absolutely cannot do when we pick or make up our brows.


They are such small things, but hey can make a big difference to how you look. Your makeup can be great, but get your eyebrows wrong, and that is what people will remember! Do not face bad eyebrow weeks, with the wrongly shaped eyebrows. Make sure you do not make any of these 13 common mistakes with your eyebrows:


Choosing the wrong product to fill your eyebrows

If you decide to fill in your eyebrows, make sure to give your eyebrows a little extra care when applying cosmetics – it can do wonders but it can be disastrous at the same time.


Find the method and the product that suits you so you can get a much fresher look. Not all types of fillers are for everyone’s eyebrows.

There are several different methods of use. If you want a natural and easy result, eyebrow shadow is best for you. If you think instead that, it is important to have nicely defined eyebrows, choose an eyebrow gel. The gel often has a water-resistant, waxy character. The color you paint with a brush.

A brow pencil is otherwise a good option. The kind everyone can use. However, it is important to keep the pen softly sharpened.



To fill in brows with eyebrow pencil

Paint in short strokes, against the hair. Avoid painting the skin instead of straws of hair. Start at the base of the nose and work your way outwards.


Follow the natural eyebrow shape when you fill in your brows. Pay attention to the arch, eyebrow’s highest point. Finish by brushing through them again with a clean eyebrow brush or mascara brush. Secure with transparent eyebrow gel. If you do not have, a brush you can shape them with the help of a toothbrush and a little hairspray.


Painting the inner corners/beginning wrong – too square or too round

There are people who paint a rounded beginning/inner corner of the brow. Some paint it square shaped. This is not natural because the straw does not grow in a circle or square and it does not look tidy. Then there are many who paint brows too close together or too far away, the distance is important!


Often when people are taking care of a Uni – brow, they end up plucking a gap between their brows that is wider than the Pacific Ocean. It looks incredibly unnatural and just plain flaw.

Our experts recommend you can paint the brows in different correct versions. However, to achieve the best results it is important to paint straw for straw and it can be done easily with a brow pencil.

Make sure to sharpen the pencil and paint the inner corners/beginning just like your hairs growth, from the bottom up briefly. Keep in mind that the inner corners/beginning of your brows is sparse so paint it accordingly.


Painting eyebrows in long horizontal sketch

They eyebrows do not grow in a straight line. When filling in the middle of the brow usually we mistake by painting long horizontal stretch.

Some of the brows actually grow vertically, but the straw is still short. Do not paint a long portion at once, which you then fill in. Apply strokes as we used to do in coloring books in kindergarten. Try to look for the broken parts that need to be filled. You do not need to stroke hard and darken it unnecessarily.


When filling in, our experts suggest using fast, sketchy strokes that resemble small hairs even before blending. Do not draw through the entire brow, creating harsh, solid lines.

Follow the bristle direction all the time and paint the short straws in the same way. Taken the little hair on the highest point you have to go in with the pen and faking a few at the top, as long as you follow the directions. Follow the brow’s natural frame. Some brows are straight, some are amazingly clear with the broken oar but you usually get brows that fit the facial shape so adapt a little but keep still on these things when you fill them.

Over Drawing it too long


Notice the natural length of the eyebrow. The length of the brow should not be too long. Do not fake it. Ask yourself, Is it this far in reality? No! Moreover, a straw is not the kind of three centimeters long so do not overdo it with the length!

Many people have just started plucking their brows when we were younger and therefore many straws have not reached for the highest point. Therefore, it is so important to paint small short straws afterwards to make it look more real. For the length of the brow, follow brow three points for the most natural result.

What you want to make sure is to have as natural brow shape as possible. Use a light hand to paint straws and follow natural direction. Your natural brows often have a shape that suits your face so try to follow it as best as you can. Paint both brows at the same time. If you start on one brow, paint the beginning of the second as well, all to make them as similar as possible.

Painting the inner corners/beginning too dark than the rest of the eye brow


The inner corners of the eyebrow are naturally scarce. Do not paint the beginning/ inner corners of your eyebrows too dark. It gives a very harsh look and will not give the look you want. Also, ensure not to use the color darker than your actual hair color.

Rather try to use one shade lighter. The inner corners tend to grow lighter than the main eyebrow. We always recommend mimicking that. Keep them natural.

Filling your eyebrows in a block – Blend it in!

Blending is not just for your blush or foundation. Applying this technique to your eyebrow filler keeps it from looking too harsh or fake drawn.


Your eyebrows are a combination of many hair strands. They are not one block object. While filling in your eyebrows, feather the eyebrow rather than painting it like a block. When you block paint your eyebrows, it gives a very artificial look. They look fake.

Eyebrow pencils are shaped, exactly like eyeliners and lip liners, but we do not want the obvious lines this time. To avoid sharp looking lines, use a spoolie brush. Some brow liners are also double-ended with the brush on the other end to blend in the product. Comb the brow hairs downward to blend with the liner marks. You can also use a shadow brush or Q-tip to soften the lines further.

Dragging the eyebrow ends down.

When you are done with the inner corners and the middle part of your eyebrows, end the eyebrow the same way. Try not to drag the eyebrows down to make them look longer. Instead, slightly drag them out. Do not end the eyebrow in a line. It has to look natural so end it with a thin application of pencil.


Brushing the eyebrows downwards

Use a mascara or brush to brush them up for an uplift!

Eye brows naturally grow downwards and brushing them down brings the eye effect down. The idea of shaping your eyebrow is to give your eye and eventually your face a lift. By brushing them down, you pull it towards the eye and thus letting the eye down.


Don’t over pluck!

Many of us start plucking our eyebrow at a very young age. Eyebrow hair is not the fast growing hair and after sometime, they even stop growing. No matter what age you pluck your eyebrows, make sure not to over pluck. The chances of getting that hair back are very slim. Later, it is very difficult to fill in what you have removed. Just pluck out the extra hair as needed.


Twee-zing your eyebrows can be a routine. Plucking out the stray hair very regularly can progressively reduce the size of your eyebrows.

Experts recommend waiting for your brows to grow to a certain length, before you pluck, so that you can get a more even shape.

Over drawing the arch


Our experts have defined arch as the most important part of your eyebrow. It is the part, which defines the shape of your eyebrow. While shaping the arch, keep in mind that the curve needs to suit your face cut. Also, while making up the arch, do not over draw it. Do not try to create what does not exist.

Missing the arch is another one of the common eyebrow mistakes we make. The natural arch of the eyebrow is not essentially the center. It is usually about two thirds of the way from the inner corner of the eyebrow. If you get the curve of the arch too high, then you will look like you are constantly astonished, if you get too low, you will look constantly irritable.


Always, before deciding the shape of your arch, consider your face cut. Although, your natural arch will be very clear if you notice it keenly. Still, there are certain shapes that we can recommend as per your face cut that will suit you.

Here are our expert’s suggestions:

Oval-shaped face


An oval face shape is the form that you always strive for when among other things, like make-up, hairstyles and haircut. It is the shape, which fits in the time like this if you want to maintain the shape of the face.
Solution: Make sure your brows do not change too much in thickness and shape them gently rounded. The arch should not be prominent much.

Long-shaped face:

With an oblong face, you should always try to shorten the look.


Solution: A pretty straight shape of the brows, it is to produce, with almost no wing. The straight brows get the effect of the face look shorter out. Please note that straight brows do not mean horizontal line, but minimum curve of the arch.

Round-shaped face:


A round face’s task would be getting a little narrower so it looks slightly further out. It will also look slim this way.
Solution: By having clear short wings on the brows helps shape to lengthen the face. So brow goes quite high up and then down with curve. This face cut should try to avoid the rounded brow.

Square-shaped face:


A square face is a very clear and sharp edged face. The eyebrow look should soften the forms.
Solution: It depends on how clear jaw you have? If it is sharp, so try to get a clearer and longer wing of the brows, up and down. If it is not so sharp, you can shape a little softer brow.

Heart-shaped face:


They want a look that broadens the distinct chin in addition, reduce the broader forehead.

Solution: Because the forehead is quite wide, you want rather long brow but gently rounded. Dare to wear them quite thick so it fills the wide forehead.

Diamondshaped face

On a diamond-shaped face, try to soften the whole shape.


Solution: Rounded brow with short wing and rounded brows makes the shape of the face feels softer.

Are You choosing the wrong color?

If you want to learn how to shape eyebrows like a professional, memorize this tip: Whatever reason, do not choose a shade that matches your brow hair exactly.

“People with dark brown hair should not use dark brown powder or similar colors to fill in their eyebrows”.

They should use caramels or dark brown. If you are using pencil instead of powder, which applies more dark, you might need to go even lighter.


By contrast, blonde-haired people should choose shades that match the base of their hair color, not their highlights, to prevent naked looking brows.

You also want to consider your skin tone. “For women with darker skin tones, the brown shade has to have some red in it,” Look for chocolate shades with some warmth in them.

Many people choose to tint their eyebrows permanently. Whether it is tinting or applying pencils to shape your eyebrow choose a color that is lighter than your hair color. Darker colors are often difficult to handle in terms of intensity and create a fake look.


Not blending your concealer?

We recommend that you seek our expert’s advice before purchasing an eye concealer. A concealer that is not suitable for your skin tone will not blend in properly. An un-blended concealer results in spots around your eyebrow. Which is significantly visible in pictures.


Before you start filling in your eyebrows, blend concealer or a subtle highlight underneath and on top of each eyebrow. This gives the product the power to stay. Moreover, it makes the brows to stand out by opening the eye area up.

Too short eye brows are no fun!

As discussed earlier in this article, the length of the eyebrow is essential. It is not a good impression, to draw them too long. In a similar way, it is not be drawn too short.


Eyebrows that are too short can make your eyes and nose look too big, whereas eyebrows that extend too far than required, out shrink your eyes and dominate your face. Not a good try if you have round face.

If you hold a pencil, diagonally from the outside corner of your eye, the point at which the pencil crosses your eyebrow is where the tail should be. A lot of women over pluck or stop early while painting the tails of their eyebrows and end up looking like they have only half a brow.


An important tip that our experts share is the sequence of shaping your eyebrows and make-up. When should you shape your eyebrow? It is easier to get the right shade of eyebrows, when you have made the rest of your makeup. If you make your brows first, then you are quite likely to apply to some color and they will stay thin and undefined.


How do you shape your eyebrows?

Do you know any other eyebrow mistakes that girls often tend to do?

Share it with our experts and stay tuned to our website for more interesting facts about eyebrows!

13 Reasons why Your Eyebrows are Spoiling Your Looks!
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13 Reasons why Your Eyebrows are Spoiling Your Looks!
Do you know any other eyebrow mistakes that girls often tend to do? How do you shape your eyebrows? Read our blog to get complete inside-out details.
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